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HAWG Wired Audio

HAWG Wired

Motorcycles always presented a challenge to the usual car audio products. Car audio is more durable and handles vibration better than the home audio equipment however it was not meant to be on a motorcycle either. Car stereos and speakers still didn’t do well with water and direct sunlight. Speakers surrounds would shrivel up in UV and car decks short out when they got wet. The other HUGE problem was the amount of volume you need to exceed the noise of the wind and the motor of the bike. We needed amplifiers but all of those were too big to install on the Motorcycle. Back in 2002 Hawg Wired was born to solve these problems and we’re pretty sure they did. Today Hawg Wired builds the best motorcycle amps and speakers on the market. These products are made with precision and up for the unique challenges a motorcycle offers. Not only that but these amps and speakers sound amazing. We have a full system in a Harley on our show floor for you to Demo. Go to Harley to get your chrome and come to Communications Center for your stereo. We love motorcycles and can be found around town on them at any given moment this summer. Come by our shop for a demo.

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