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JL Audio

JL Audio

JL Audio has it’s roots in the garage of a couple hobbyist’s garage like many of other audio manufacturers. The name came from Jim Birch and LucioProni (J and L) and later became an icon of car audio. Hearing the name JL has always meant awesome subwoofers and amazing amplifiers. Jim and Lucio opened up a small shop in Hollywood, Florida in the 1970’s called the Speaker Warehouse when their hobby of making home speakers took off and people realized these guys were very good at making speakers. In the frustration of finding high quality low frequency drivers Lucio decided he was going to make his own. This turned out to be one of the best things JL audio has done. They produced their fist subwoofer called 8W2 and later improved on it and created a 10” and 12” in the mid 1980’s. JL dominated the car audio competitions in the later 80’s and is now known as one of the premier manufacturers of high quality car audio. We have been a JL dealer since the early 90’s and have always preferred their products.

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