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Car Audio Amplifiers - Minneapolis

Car Audio Amplifiers

In order for a speaker to make sound it requires an amplifier. An amplifier takes the signal coming in from you radio, CD, or iPod and gives it a boost so it can have enough power to make your speaker move back and forth. The more power you have the further you can move the speaker back and forth. This increases your volume output. To put it simply the more power you have the louder you can play without getting distortion from your speakers. Head units have very small amplifiers made with integrated circuits that do not compare with the standard larger chassis amplifiers that use MOSFET chips in various different classes. At Communications Center we know what amps will go well with the type of speakers you have or are buying. We carry some of the best car audio amplifiers in the business like JL Audio, Rockford Fosgate, Kenwood and Powerbass to name few. These amps come in various configurations like 5 channel, 4 channel, 3 channel, 2 channel and even mono or single channel used mainly on subwoofers. An amplifier will make the largest audible difference in your system. Even if you hook one to your factory system! Come down to our shop to learn more about how an amp can help your system sound amazing! Don’t forget, the car is one of the few places you can rock out as loud as you want and nobody cares. Come see us and enjoy your music like never before.

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