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Car Audio Speakers - Minneapolis

Car Audio Speakers

Speakers are the parts of the stereo system that create sounds. Some speakers do the job better than others. The most common style speakers are Tweeters, Woofers, Full range and Coaxial. Tweeters create high pitched sounds, while woofers create the mid-ranged/low sound. Full Range Speakers produce a full spectrum of sound, but lacks emphasis on any specific frequency. Then you have Coaxial that has a mounted tweeter on the woofer to get a much larger range of sound from one speaker. There are some sets called "Component Speakers" Where they include the tweeter, and woofer, but they separate them with a crossover. These generally sound the best because you have the most freedom on how they get installed. You can locate the tweeter separate from the woofer to give you more depth to your music. Upgrading your speakers should be the first step to getting better sound in your vehicle. Come down to our shop and listen to some of the speakers we have on display

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