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Car Subwoofer Installation - Minneapolis

Car Subwoofers

Just like adding speakers can make a huge difference in the way your system sounds subwoofers play a huge part in a good sounding system. Did you know that three of the ten octaves humans can hear are played by your subwoofer? In other words, 30% of what you hear is bass! Bet you didn’t know that… Subwoofers are a great way to start a car system. You’ll need an amplifier, amp hook up kit and a subwoofer enclosure for any subwoofer system. We can hook a subwoofer system to your factory radio or an aftermarket head unit to get started and as time goes on you can add in new full range speakers, 4 channel amplifier and then finally a new head unit. We think the head unit, while adding new sources, actually does less to make a good sounding system than a sub, amplifier or speakers can. It’s best to start in your trunk and work your way up to the dash if you are just beginning your new system. Communications Center offers some of the best car subwoofers in the industry starting with JL Audio, Rockford Fosgate (who invented the car audio sub and amp the same year we started our company - 1978), Kenwood, Powerbass and more. We carry sizes ranging from 6” micro subs all the way to big 15” boomers! Come down to the shop and let us help you design a new subwoofer system for your vehicle today!

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