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Motorcycle Audio Solutions

Motorcyle Audio Installation

Listening to a stereo on a loud bike can be a challenge if not impossible. We know how it is being avid motorcyclist ourselves. We found a brand called Hawg Wired that specializes in motorcycle audio and solved the problem of small speakers making small sound on a loud bike. Hawg Wired makes small, powerful amplifers and speakers made specifically for motorcycles. These speakers are not only free of distortion but can handle the high volumes you need while flying across I90 in South Dakota. These products are also made to handle the extra stress a motorcycle has on an audio system like heat, weather and vibration. We have a full system installed on one of our showroom bikes. If you haven’t heard a Hawg Wired system yet come to Communications Center and get a demo. Remember: Rubber Side Down and 55 to stay alive.

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