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Car Alarms / Car Security Installation - Minneapolis

Car Alarm Security

At Communications Center we have been selling and installing car alarms since the early 80’s back then they used a key to unlock the alarm separately from the key you use to unlock the car! We have come a long way since then and now we can arm your car from your smartphone hundreds of miles away! We have basic 1 way remote systems or 2 way systems that will tell you if your alarm sensors are being triggered. Our car alarms have a great range all the way from 1000ft to mile or even 1000’s of miles with our smartphone app security systems. We offer systems from Code Alarm, and can install them into Cars, Motorcycles, RV’s, Trucks and more. We can install various sensors based on your vehicle, what’s inside it and where you park. We have sensors for proximity, tilt, glass break, impact and more. Our installers focus on quality wiring and good sensor placement/adjustment for the fewest possible false alarms. We know that is annoying and who wants a car that cries wolf?

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