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The Rockford Fosgate C.L.E.A.N. Punch P400X4 Amp & Your Vehicle

A look at the Rockford Fosgate C.L.E.A.N. Punch P400X4 Amplifier System.

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Turning Your Car Into an Entertainment Center

What's better than a car that's also its own entertainment center? Even if your car didn't come with an entertainment center built in, there are still options that you have for aftermarket upgrades. Investing in these options is a great way to make your car more comfortable, whether you want to go for long drives or simply enjoy parking somewhere and relaxing.

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Smart Features for Your Car's Audio System

Smart features are all about creating systems that are convenient and cool. If you're thinking of upgrading your car audio system, you may want to think about upgrading to some high tech features too.

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Smartphones & Vehicles: What's Possible

As technology makes your life more and more simple, many have already begun using their phones as a means to remain connected with their vehicle. Vehicle manufacturers have embraced this capability, with many brands stepping forward and providing functions that allow functionality with user smartphones. So considering these advances in consumer technology, we're going to comb through some of the many perks that can be available when one syncs their phone with their vehicle.

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Installation Assistance: What You Shouldn't Install Solo

There's a wide range of accessories on the market that one can add to their vehicle, but there's quite a few that require professional installation to ensure your safety. Since much of this relies on your automotive know-how, we're going to provide some of the specifics that certain installations require. Here's a look at some of the automotive accessories that you might require professional assistance for installation.

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Why JL Audio Dominates The Subwoofer Market

When it comes to vehicle subwoofers, JL Audio speakers are known for being one of most respected brands on the market. Between entertaining your family and being appropriate for audio competitions, JL Audio can cover a lot of ground when it comes to suiting your needs. So if you're looking to install a JL Audio subwoofer into your vehicle, you're going to want to know some of the technical aspects as to why JL Audio is one of the best brands money can buy. Thankfully, we're here to not only cover the value and quality of their product, but show you why JL Audio subwoofers are the right choice for your prized vehicle.

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Why JL Audio Amplifiers Dominate The Amplifier Market

JL Audio has had a long history when it comes to tackling the challenges that come with automotive audio. Between their innovative thinking and commitment to engineering, it should come as no shock that JL Audio is miles ahead of the competition. The same can be said for their amplifier division, as JL Audio is well aware of how their technologies must stay in tune with current and future automobile features.

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Vehicle Audio Systems Perfect For You

Summer may be winding down, but things are just heating up when it comes to vehicle audio.

Given that there's a wide range of vehicle audio products on the market, we're going to comb through and let you know of the best products that you need to end your summer with a bang.

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Motorcycle Technology: What You'll Need This Summer and Fall

There are several different products on the market that can make your motorcycle ride that much better. Thankfully, we're going to cover some of these excellent products so that you can find more excuses to ride your motorcycle regardless of the weather.

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Motorcycles and Radar Detectors

The image of motorcycle drivers has gone through a major change in the last two to three decades. At one time, motorcycle riders were seen as social deviants and bad people, but today there are well-respected and law-abiding citizens that own and ride their motorcycles frequently. However, the old image can still carry a stigma for certain law enforcement agencies or individual officers.

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