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The Best Boat Stereo Systems for Your Buck

If you're looking to make your boat adventures a bit more enjoyable for your ears, we're listing some of the best boat stereo systems available on the market. 

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Radar Detectors: What You Need to Know About the Law

Are radar detectors illegal? Not at all, but there are some regulations that do control how you can have one installed in your car. Here's what you need to know.

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Know Your Car Amp Specs

If you’re about to hop into the world of dynamic car audio, you’d better understand the various specifications an amplifier has. If you’ve already acquired decked-out speakers, a CD player and a subwoofer, you can exchange your typical on-board system with a brand new amp. Below, we’re covering the specifications we feel you should know.

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Protecting Your Car's Electronics While On Vacation

Your car might be safe in the driveway, but you’ll go on vacation eventually. We get it: You’ve likely taken the precautions to prevent auto theft. That said, today’s thieves make a living off of in-car electronics. If you want to keep your onboard tech accessories safe, check out these tips.

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Go for the Upgrade: The Benefits of Remote Start

Remote start has multiple benefits for families of all sizes. It can be inexpensive to have installed and will provide years of service, regardless of the climate you live in or type of car you own.

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Do Radar Detectors Work?

While no radar detector can perform miracles, the new generation of detectors offer additional features to protect drivers from speed traps and speeding tickets, such as Instant-On protection.

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The Best Remote Start Systems for 2017

With over a million sold in the US every year, remote control starter systems have only grown in popularity since being introduced to the market. Between offering the security and convenience that so many desire in regards to their vehicle, it's no surprise that so many individuals want to know what the remote control starter systems of 2017 have to offer. Thankfully, we've got a sneak peek at the systems that one cannot pass up in 2017.

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The Best Vehicle DVD Systems for 2017

Vehicle DVD systems are well known for their high entertainment factor. Whether it be for a short trip to the grocery store or traveling across the country, a DVD system can make the travel seem short and keep fellow passengers occupied. As vehicle DVD systems are only getting better since being introduced to the market, here's a look at some of the best vehicle DVD systems coming out in 2017.

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LCD Screens on the Dash for Safety

LCD screens play multiple roles in today's commute or road trip.  Touchscreen LCDs are used for navigational systems as well as in-car entertainment, making it seem as if complete integration is the next logical step. However, with safety concerns for visibility and driver attention spans, the LCD becoming a standard selling point on all new cars may be some time away.

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DVD Players in the Car Provide Money-Saving Options

While everyone knows the dangers of allowing children to watch too much television, a strategically placed DVD player in the family car can actually increase safety for all involved, including other drivers. With factors that can't be controlled, such as the actions of other motorists, the weather conditions, wrecks, and road conditions, there are a lot of reasons to keep the driver's eyes on the road. However, fidgeting children can be a distraction, so what are the alternatives? 

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