Fall is a great time of the year! This is the time when the seasons change from warm summer to cool fall. The tress become beautiful and show off their best colors. The National Football League is active and the fun rivalry between the Packers and Vikings is as alive as ever. So much happens in the fall that most of us do not get to appreciate all that this time of year has to offer. Many people do not think much about the temperature change until winter brings subzero temps. 


Now Is The Time For You To Get A Remote Start Installed

Remote Starters are a great addition to any car, truck or SUV. A remote starter allows you to warm up your car without having to go outside on cold Minneapolis mornings. Having a remote starter on your vehicle will make this winter a lot easier to drive in. Your car will already be warmed up, your engine will be ready for the drive, and you won’t start shivering this year.



Remote Car Starter

Cars Without Remote Starters Are Not Ideal In Minnesota

Most of us know all too well the feeling of shivering as your car warms up. You sit in your driver’s seat, waiting impatiently for the heater’s warmth, and you feel only ice cold air come from the duct. Every minute of this reality is an eternity of frozen nothingness with heat as the only salvation. If you only had an installed remote starter all of this frozen Minnesota winter pain could be avoided.

Communications Center Is Your Remote Starter Resource In Richfield

Remote Starters are very popular in the Minneapolis area. Communications Center is conveniently located in Richfield, MN. Communications Center has many options of remote starters and certified technicians to quickly perform the installation.

Code Alarm

Code Alarm is a brand driven by technology and engineering to deliver best in-class performance. The reliability and build quality allow Code Alarm to deliver a number of features that most users enjoy. The long-range keyless entry remote start systems can work up to a mile away from your vehicle. These powerful devices will work when you need them to, like on a January night in the Mall of America parking ramp when the temp is -30 below zero.

Code Alarm Remote Starter


Omega is a leading manufacturer of remote starter products and security systems. The continuous research and development has allowed Omega to offer a wide range of products to meet any user or vehicle specific need. Some models of Omega remote starters allow for iPhone, Android and Blackberry connection. This connection allows you to start, locate and control your car wherever you are.


Encore is a design-focused manufacturer of remote-starters. People love the sleek designs of the Encore keyfob remotes. You can select from advanced LCD screened keyfobs to basic keyfobs with great shapes. Many people love the Encore Ally – which allows you to use an iPhone or Android to start and stop your vehicle, track your vehicle, receive live stats, and also lock and unlock your vehicle.


Winter Is Getting Close

Remote starters can be used throughout the year, but most people use their remote starters during winter. A remote starter is fantastic when you press one button and your car turns on, the defroster starts, your heated seat turns on and the vehicle warms up. All you have to do is get in the vehicle, turn on your windshield wipers to remove the snow melt, and drive away in a comfortable vehicle.

Communications Center is your local dealer and installer of remote starters in the Minneapolis area. We have a large selection of options, from value remote starters to remote starters with smart phone solutions. Our installation services will properly install remote starters on any vehicle, from classic muscle car to the most exotic German sports sedan.


Contact us or visit our showroom and check out our selection of remote starters before the snow arrives!



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