Remote starters allow you to command your vehicle’s ignition using a key-fob remote control without going outside. If you leave the heat or A/C on, it turns on when the engine does. Your car can warm up or cool down to a level that is pleasant when you get in.


For those of you who either do not have a remote start, or did not have one in the past – this is something everyone has done:  it is 14 below zero outside, but toasty warm inside, and the thought of an extra trip to your driveway just to start your car and let it run seems absurd at the moment.  So inevitably, the vehicle gets started as you are ready to put it in gear, and since your breath seems to be freezing in your nose, you decide to “just go” – after all, the car will warm up faster as it’s running, right?  Well, yes, BUT….  your fluids are sluggish and your engine is frozen.  Typically, you do not leap out of bed when your alarm clock sounds and begin running a 26 mile marathon – so why should your car?  Give it the time it needs to warm up properly – to get all those fluids circulating – and to make the forthcoming drive all the better for everyone!  Another bonus of the warmed-up car is the ice on your windshield thaws as well. And in hot regions, seats will be cooler to sit on and you can touch your steering wheel without oven mitts!


Most drivers will not need all the specialized features that are available on many of the starting systems we offer.  The knowledgeable staff at Communications Center will brief you on all of your available options, but the basics might be all you need, such as:


    • Remote engine starting
    • Remote start visual notification (parking lights flash)
    • Door lock and unlock
    • Power trunk open
    • Programmable starting (how long the engine will run)

If you're into it, you can opt for additional convenience and security functions, including a full alarm system. Among the more advanced features:


    • Status check
    • Car locator and/or remote valet
    • Turbo (fast warm-up)
    • PIN touchpad
    • Interior temperature check
    • Driver paging
    • Panic siren
    • Proximity unlock
    • Alarm functions
    • Starter kill and anti-hijack

So do yourself and your car a favor this winter – stop in and see how much easier we can make your commute, whether long or short, in the coming months!

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