Let’s look at some random statistics: 


There were an estimated 956,846 thefts of motor vehicles nationwide in 2008.  In terms of a nationwide rate, there were 314.7 motor vehicle thefts per 100,000 inhabitants.  Also, more than $6.4 billion was lost to motor vehicle thefts in 2008. The average dollar loss per stolen vehicle was $6,751. More than 72 percent (72.4) of all motor vehicles reported stolen in 2008 were automobiles.  (Source: FBI.gov)


Car Theft is a Profitable Business – an $8 billion per year business to be exact. Car thieves take stolen vehicles across state lines and seek valid titles by presenting forged ownership documentation to the titling agency of another state. Or, the car thief might replace the VIN plate on the stolen vehicle with one from a scrapped car, and then seek a valid title for the stolen vehicle.


The Communications Center is your one-stop-shop for automotive peace of mind.  Do not become a statistic – protect not only your investment, but your means of transportation, which is generally an integral part of your livelihood.  With a car alarm, not only can you protect your car stereo, amplifier, radar detector, other personal belongings and your vehicle itself, but you can prevent the aggravation and hardships associated with being the victim of such criminal actions.  Sometimes drawing a potential thief’s attention to the fact that your car has an alarm system is enough to deter them. So, be sure to put our stickers in the window, on both sides, proudly proclaiming that you have a car security system activated. Many systems even have proximity sensors that chirp a ‘warning’ to would-be crooks. Save the hassle of insurance claims, police reports and potential repairs to damages done to your vehicle or its systems – and relax in the knowledge that thieves will have to go elsewhere to conduct their business.


We offer car alarms that have a range from thousands of feet to thousands of miles using our smartphone app-based security systems.  Ranging from the most basic intrusion alarms to the most sophisticated systems with GPS tracking and remote access to vehicle systems, the best part is that these alarms are not just available for your car or truck - we can handle any type of RV, motorcycle, all-terrain vehicles and even golf carts!


So, live on the adventurous side – start your car and check your security status from your phone while on vacation in the Caribbean, especially when it’s 30 degrees below zero in Minnesota!


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