You are on your way to your car after a long day’s work in a dark, nearly vacant parking garage.  It is a frosty -20 degrees in our lovely state of Minnesota.  Listening carefully for the sound of your engine starting after pressing the remote start button on your fob, you cannot really hear anything.  Oh well, there wouldn’t be much time for your car to defrost anyway, so you fumble around for your other keychain which has the security alarm remote on it.  As your vehicle comes into view, the familiar chirp of the ‘disarm’ function resonates through the ramp.  But you are not alone…. sudden footsteps behind you accelerate in both speed and volume – CUT...   …REPLAY – as you prepare to leave the office for the day, you pull up an app on your iPhone.  One touch of the screen confirms that your vehicle has started, the lights are on, and everything is operating within normal parameters.  The security system is still fully engaged and proximity sensors detect nothing unusual.  Your vehicle will be toasty warm once you get there, and that dark parking ramp will be well illuminated at the same time, depriving those of  nefarious intent their favorite thing – the cover of darkness…


Communications Center can provide the best of both security and starting features, even incorporating GPS tracking and Geo Fencing into our combo remote start and car security systems. No more fumbling through your fobs!  We have been installing combo units since they were invented, so our expertise in this field is second to none. 


Many late model vehicles typically already come with integrated security and starting systems, so why should we re-invent the wheel?  Two reasons – remote access and greater features!  My car came with a single keyfob, with a button to arm, another to disarm, and a third for engine start.  Confirmation for any of the aforementioned features is typically visual or auditory – I hear the single chirp which means it is armed, or the double chirp meaning it is disarmed.  When the vehicle is in view of my kitchen window, I can tell it has started by either seeing the parking lights flicker, or by the exhaust – providing it is winter.  That is almost like confirming your house is on fire by seeing the smoke!  If you want to perform all of these functions remotely from the comfort of your home or office, complete with confirmation of all system functions, and without the use of binoculars or smoke signals – the integrated, app-based cellular systems we have been discussing are for you. 


With over 35 years of combined experience in our installation bay, there is no job too complicated for us to tackle!  Visit us so we can show you the possibilities for control you can have of both vehicular safety and comfort.


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