At Communications Center we take installation of the aftermarket automotive equipment you purchase very seriously.  This comes from a comprehensive understanding of the equipment itself and the vehicle into which it is being integrated.  When an artist creates his or her magnum opus, it comes to fruition not only from the talent that artist embodies, but also from a complete competence in the science of the paints and the canvas, the stone and the chisel, or whatever other mediums forge such creation.  When it comes to custom installation – your vehicle is our canvas!  We have installed just about everything that can be installed into cars, boats, motorcycles, RV’s and even the Mars Rover (oh wait… that was a golf cart…)  With over 35 years of combined experience, our professional car audio & video installers love what they do, and it shows.


One more thing distinguishes us from everyone else – the pride we take in our craft.  We understand how much that brand new luxury car that was finally afforded after many years, or that first car that was being saved for all through school, means to its owner.  The little details can often make or break a person’s opinion of a said product or service.  So after your installation appointment is done, you will not find that random grease mark on your headliner, or an unidentified bolt lying on the floorboard.  You will not have to go home and try to figure out how to use your new system, because we will already have gone over that with you.  It makes no difference whether you roll into our shop in a gleaming 2015 Mercedes or a ‘gently used’ 1998 Ford – your installation will be handled with the same care, finesse, and impeccable attention to detail that every one of our clients deserves and receives. 


We also offer uniquely custom car installation and fabrication services when necessary (or just when you want them too…). This includes, but is definitely not limited to, the creation of fiberglass subwoofer enclosures to maximize your audio performance, custom kick panels, door build-outs, amp racks with custom lighting and more. Wood, fiberglass, carbon fiber, aluminum, various plastics and steel are just some of the ingredients with which we cook. Whether you are looking for a basic car stereo head unit install, a mid-line car alarm with remote start, or a full blown, custom audio video entertainment system, we can (and will) amaze you with what we can do!


If you are in need of aftermarket installation for your vehicle contact Communication Center today.

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