The staff at the Communications Center has decided that is should be spring NOW, instead of snow and ice with 10 degree temperatures! This comes from our encyclopedic understanding of the weather and the fact that when your car stereo system is ready to amaze you and your passengers, it is officially spring! Conversely, it means that if your automotive audio has not been optimized, winter shall remain in place for another six weeks. With that being said – let’s talk about Car Audio!

Modern vehicles nearly always include a complete system of some kind from the factory, which is referred to as the 'stock' or ‘OEM’ system. Typically consisting of a ‘head unit’ located in the dashboard and a compliment of speakers in various locations, these systems can be supplied by an exclusive vendor to the car maker, or another company that specializes in design or production of such equipment. There is a wide range of utility and quality that can be found in such original equipment, ranging from gear barely adequate for talk radio to equipment that can be considered ‘high-end’ in terms of its acoustic attributes. However, there is an enormous market of products sold directly to consumers engineered to replace, upgrade, or expand the vehicle's stock sound system capabilities.

The Communications Center, with over 35 years of sales, technical and installation experience, specializes in these aftermarket automotive entertainment systems. “But my factory car stereo sounds great…” is what you may be thinking. Perhaps, but does it have a flip out screen with navigation that can feed one source like AM/FM to the front seats and send a different source to the rear seats for child entertainment? Does it have custom subwoofers built into the floor of your cargo space that add realism that you can actually ‘feel’ to your music? Does your 1954 Chevy Bel Air still have the original dual-knob stereo? Well, we can still maintain that original look but with modern electronics and features under the ‘hood’. For all of this fantastic equipment to sound good, it must also be connected to speakers capable of delivering the required fidelity. Although there are too many choices to cover here, rest assured we can provide the best fit for your vehicle, your audio equipment, and your listening palette. Whatever you vehicle entertainment needs might be, we think you should stop in, behold all of the options available, and hasten the onset of spring at the same time!

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