You have finally decided to take that long awaited family vacation to the Grand Canyon National Park, thereby also escaping this oppressive Minnesota winter that never seems to end. Although it will be well worth the trip, do not be fooled – it’s a long drive! “Are we there yet?” is something you will likely hear on more than one occasion if you have young children up in the back of the minivan. Rear seat entertainment can keep stress levels down for both the passengers and the driver on long trips. We do not encourage having your children glued to the screen for the entire journey, but it can certainly break up the monotony of watching hundreds of miles of corn whiz by, or provide alternate recreation between bouts of Interstate “I Spy”.

Car video systems can be very useful for entertaining passengers in your vehicle, young and adult alike. We specialize in dash video, overhead flip down monitors and headrest monitors. In-dash navigation or backup camera feeds are very popular applications for the monitor in the cockpit, but you can also catch the game on ESPN while you take a well deserved break from the road. ‘Back-seat drivers’ can also be coerced into silence with the provision of auditory and visual distraction, redirecting their focus from your driving to their favorite movie instead. Whether the people using the system prefer watching DVDs, DirecTV or even interfacing their in-vehicle Playstation game consoles, our expert staff can help you select the right car video system and professionally install it so it appears as though it was already there when you rolled out of the dealership. Equipping your vehicle with a video entertainment system provides great utility value in its daily use, not to mention enhanced resale value when you outgrow the Ford Windstar and upgrade to an MRAP (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle.

We offer several top brands of high quality car video equipment at Communications Center. There are many elements to consider – the make, model and interior layout of the vehicle, the number of potential users of the system, and the way in which video material is to be disseminated. Although there are many options, we are here to help provide that best fit for your equipment and installation requirements. With our experience comes the knowledge that will help make your vehicle entertainment needs a reality! Stop in and ‘see’ what you’ve been missing…

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