Citizens' Band radio, or CB radio for short, is a system of short-distance radio communications between individuals on a selection of 40 channels within the 27MHz band. Citizens Band is different from the currently popular hand-held FRS (Family Radio Service) radios, or expensive and elaborate Ham Radio (Amateur Radio Service) operations, and is typically used for low-level business or personal communications in a mobile environment. Like many other two-way radio services, CB channels are shared by many users. Only one station may transmit at a time, so other stations must listen and wait for the shared channel to be available. CB is still popular among long-haul truck drivers to communicate directions, traffic problems, road construction, accidents, police radar traps and other relevant matters. Channel 9 is restricted by the FCC to emergency-only communications and roadside assistance, and most highway travelers monitor channel 19.


Citizens’ Band radio users have developed what you might call a ‘language of their own’, used to convey certain types of information in an enigmatic fashion. I guess we can call it the ‘encryption protocol’ of pre-Internet days. “Breaker One Nine, you have a 10-33 at yardstick 136, there’s a Bulldog off the road". If you are or have been a CB user, you may know what that means. Having a CB can be quite enjoyable and very useful for travel over the road. Although we live in a world of smart phones and iPads, CB’s are making a comeback and are free to use if you have one. Some of this popularity may be attributed to nostalgia for days gone by, and some of it may stem from the desire to ‘disconnect’ from the all-knowing, digital matrix – at least on occasion. Our business started with the sale of CB radios, and here we are today, still providing the best selection of CB radios and accessories in the Twin Cities area!


We offer several top brands of high quality Citizen Band equipment at Communications Center. Some units can simply plug into you 12V Accessory Port, while others can be permanently installed into your vehicle, much like a car stereo. Stop into our shop and we can explain the various types of equipment, all of the different functions, as well as the installation options we offer. Soon enough you can be rolling down Route 66 with the Big Dogs, although we do not endorse painting your car orange and welding the doors shut…

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