Spring is here – sort of – almost… In any case, after enduring our fantastic Minnesota winter, replete with ice, snow and freezing temperatures, everyone is yearning for some quality time outdoors minus the arctic parka and snow blower! It may be a bit early for fishing (…and we certainly do not mean ‘ice’ fishing…), and golf will become an option once the greens are free of winter’s waste – but riding is definitely becoming an option, if you are so inclined. We guarantee that those of you who own and enjoy motorcycling are already giving your bikes some springtime TLC in preparation for taking to the open road!


So, we love our bikes, and we love our music. But listening to music on a motorcycle can be quite a challenge, especially on some of the louder rides. Enter a brand called Hawg Wired, which specializes in motorcycle audio and has solved the dilemma of modest audio systems producing inadequate sound on a loud bike. Not only must any motorcycle based stereo compete with the sound generated by the engine and exhaust – it must also contend with road noise and the ‘unenclosed’ space in which it operates, moving at highway speed. With a proper safety helmet, the rider’s receipt of music is even further dampened.


Hawg Wired manufactures small, extremely powerful amplifiers and speakers designed to handle their output – all made exclusively for motorcycles. Providing audiophile grade sound, these components not only sound great, but are designed to handle the extra stress a motorcycle puts on an audio system including heat, dirt, moisture, shock and constant vibration. Hawg Wired has successfully bridged the gap between what is possible with today's advanced electronics and the motorcycle as a platform for hi-fi audio. With a tremendous amount of time spent designing, building and testing their products, Hawg Wired systems will provide years of reliable enjoyment. Now you get to have your cake and eat it too – your passion to ride and your love of music!


We have a full system installed in one of our showroom bikes. If you have not heard a Hawg Wired system yet, you are missing out on an amazing experience. We invite you to stop in to Communications Center and get a demo. Who knows – you might end up purchasing a motorcycle if you don’t already have one - just so you can have something to install this audio system into!

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