Boats can be categorized into three primary categories:  Unpowered or human-powered boats, which include rafts, canoes, kayaks and the like, sailboats, which are propelled solely by means of sails, and motorboats, which are propelled by mechanical engines. Many people who enjoy boating also enjoy quality music.  The symphonic options on a fishing canoe may be limited to your portable battery-powered radio or smart phone, but when we step into the larger, more elaborate boating platforms, their capacity for serious audio systems follows suite.

In today’s consumer electronics world, marine sound has gone high-end. Different in some ways from car audio, marine components must be built to endure the elements including water, wind and sunlight.  One of the marine audio brands we offer is JL Audio. You will find JL speakers in the world’s finest boats... and they are generally regarded as the world’s finest marine speakers.  All JL Audio’s materials, components and completed systems are tested using advanced salt-fog and UV test equipment, which simulate years of exposure to the elements. Engineering, testing and assembly is all done to rigorous environmental longevity standards that exceed typical industry standards. This ensures years of consistent performance in your boat.

Rockford Fosgate marine audio components are designed for audiophiles who wish to experience high-quality music while boating.  Marine audio decks and amplifiers typically have specially designed circuit boards that are protected against the ill effects of water on electronics.  Heat can also be an issue, as these systems are often installed in very confined spaces.  Rockford equipment is designed to mitigate problems associated with overheating, moisture, shock and vibration, and the company produces some of the most reliable marine audio gear on the market.

The brands of marine audio that we offer have been selected simply because they are the best. Our highly trained and experienced install technicians can replace substandard speakers that may have come pre-installed in your houseboat or design and install the custom audio system of your dreams into your million dollar speedboat.  We install marine audio on site or in our install bay. Trip charges do apply, but no boat is too big or small to sound great.  Minnesota is known on its license plates as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” but Minnesota actually has 12,000 lakes – so don’t wait – stop in to Communications Center and discuss the plethora of options available for your boating high fidelity needs!

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