Founded in 1979, AutoPage provides the latest and most advanced vehicle security and remote start solutions on the market. The days of having to be within near visual range of your car to perform certain functions with your key fob are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  AutoPage’s C3 Hybrid is a cell phone-based vehicle communication system which integrates cellular and GPS tracking to provide the user with cellular command and control of automotive security, remote start and GPS tracking from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Your smart phone puts the power of the C3 system at your fingertips, regardless of your location relative to the vehicle.  An intuitive icon-based application lets you navigate through all the capabilities of your remote start and vehicle security system. Locate your teenage driver for parental peace of mind, turn on the air conditioning in your vehicle on a hot summer day before you leave the office, or receive immediate notification if your car alarm is triggered.  In a world where cars can park themselves autonomously and computers can identify occupants and adjust the environment accordingly, why not ‘talk’ to your car and tell it what you want it to do?

The C3 is as versatile in its installation capacity as it is in features and functions. When installed in a standalone capacity, the C3 allows you to track your vehicle on an interactive map anywhere in North America, get speed notifications sent to your email or cell phone, and set ‘Geo Fence’ boundaries to get alerted if your vehicle goes outside of the specified boundary. When installed in conjunction with an optional, compatible Auto Page system, the C3 lets you lock/unlock your doors without your keys, start or stop your engine, trigger optional mechanisms such as trunk locks, and receive security notifications if your vehicle is tampered with.  You can even install it if your vehicle has an original equipment factory keyless entry or security system, and the two will perform synchronously.

Auto Page has a complete line of C3 compatible solutions that will accommodate all of your vehicle security or remote start needs. With complete control through a user-friendly interface on your smartphone, you will have remote access to whichever functions are important to you.  Communications Center staff can help select and install the AutoPage system that best fits these requirements, your lifestyle, and your vehicle.  

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