Rockford Fosgate is an American manufacturer of OEM car audio, aftermarket mobile audio products including source units, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers in addition to mobile electronics accessories such as cables, power distribution components, capacitors and signal converters.

Since 1973, the company founded by Jim Fosgate has been on the leading edge of mobile audio technology.  Working out of his garage in Arizona, Jim understood that a car audio system would have to be radically different from what was the standard in home audio equipment at that time.  Bass reproduction in particular was problematic in a vehicle – you could not simply put a refrigerator-sized loudspeaker into your trunk and have it sound good.  Size, efficiency and power were key variables in the creation of new technologies that would revolutionize the way we listen to music in our vehicles.

Among the most significant innovations in Rockford Fosgate’s extensive résumé of accomplishments was the PUNCH EQ. With the ability to add up to +18dB at 45HZ (Bass Boost) and +12dB at 20kHz (Treble Boost), the acoustic waveforms of music and how the human ear processes them was brought into accord.  The PUNCH EQ put musical energy that was otherwise lost due to environmental discord back into system, giving users the impact that their music needed.

Rockford Fosgate has a distinguished list of “firsts” in the mobile audio industry including the first automotive subwoofer, the first car audio amplifier, the first use of MOSFET circuitry in the amplification stage, the first signal processor and finally the fist in-car MP3 player. In 2008 Rockford Fosgate introduced a new amplifier technology they call Hybrid Technology at the consumer electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas. This makes it possible for the amplifier to put out more power than it takes in during extended musical transients.

Car audio has been redefined by Rockford Fosgate, setting the standards in mobile amplification, speakers and processing.  Communications Center has been a Rockford dealer for decades, and our staff is fully trained in the products and technologies they offer.  Creating an awesome car audio system is not as simple as picking a few components that happen to fit the car or the budget and installing them.  Many factors must be evaluated, including the desired performance level, the genre of music most likely to be played, the acoustic properties of the vehicle itself and the equipment features that will best accomplish all of the above. We have the expertise to select and install the Rockford Fosgate system that will deliver the ‘punch’ you are looking for!

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