Back in 1946, a small company under the name Kasuga Radio Co. Ltd was established in Komagane City, Japan.  Initially importing small electronics into America for Radio Shack, the founder, Bill Kasuga, connected with a company called Trio Corporation, and in 1960 the firm was renamed ‘Trio Corporation’. The origin of the name Kenwood is a combination of "Ken", a name common to Japan and America that had been tested and proven desirable to American consumers in the name of the Kenmore appliances brand, and "wood", referring to the prolific building material as well as suggesting a relation to Hollywood, California, where many of their products were in use at the time.  In 1961, ‘Kenwood USA’ was founded and became the largest subsidiary of Kenwood Corporation of Japan.  

Kenwood USA is a leading developer and manufacturer of home and car consumer electronics and communications equipment, and is regarded by consumers and industry professionals as providing quality products known for great performance and value.  Kenwood released the first audio/video amplifier for home theater back in 1981, and also created the first anti-theft car cassette deck that could be slid out of the dash and taken with you.  In its day, this car audio deck featured the first automatic broadcast sensor system, automatic noise reduction, and the first to boast 24 presets.  At a time when cassettes were considered ‘high fidelity’, new technologies such as these or the first polypropylene speaker cones were a big deal, Kenwood car audio became synonymous with quality, and many others aspired to copy these innovations as time went on.

Kenwood eXcelon components are designed for the mobile audio enthusiast, offering only the highest levels of performance. Their multimedia receivers provide an amazing in-vehicle experience, supporting a variety of media formats, devices and services such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.  Coupled with compact, great sounding amplifiers and speaker systems designed to play at the highest levels while maintaining accurate musical reproduction, Kenwood mobile audio truly sets a standard in this industry which is hard to beat.

With the great many contributions Kenwood has brought to the world of car audio, Communications Center is proud to be a Kenwood dealer.  We have the experience needed to design and install the Kenwood system that will deliver all of the features, benefits and performance that our clients have come to expect!

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