Founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1938 as a speaker and radio repair shop, Pioneer Electronics has been instrumental in the development of interactive cable TV, the Laser Disc player, the first automotive Compact Disc player, the first detachable face car stereo, Supertuner technology, DVD and DVD recording, plasma television display, and Organic LED display (OLED) technologies.

Many “firsts” adorn the Pioneer timeline.  Soon after their inception as a company, they began producing replacement speakers for various brands and then manufactured their first high fidelity speakers called the PE-8 in 1953.  In 1962, Pioneer introduced the first true stereo ‘separates’, an amplifier and preamplifier combo, which elevated home audio reproduction to a new level of performance in its day.  Automotive audio got its first taste of what an aftermarket car stereo can do in 1975, and that has evolved into a thriving market of virtually endless possibilities satisfying any level of interest in mobile entertainment.  The next decade brought us PCM digital recording, home and car CD players, the DVD and the first flat panel television.  Pioneer has been delivering innovation and expertise to the consumer electronics world for over 70 years, and these contributions are nearly without equal.

In-dash A/V receivers with built-in navigation and touchscreen displays, streaming audio capabilities, CD, DVD and digital media components, speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and accessories all come together to present clients with endless array of choices and configurations for their automotive audio-visual needs.  Pioneer car products make driving more enjoyable by offering high quality audio and video, seamless connectivity and ease of use.  From a basic replacement in-dash stereo that sounds superior to the original equipment to a full blown competition-grade system, and everything in between – Pioneer lets you experience a new in-dash reality!

Communications Center can design and install a Pioneer car audio system into your vehicle that will meet and exceed any expectation you may have.  We take car audio seriously, which is one of the reasons we offer Pioneer mobile electronics.  Their systems offer high performance and plentiful features, long term reliability and intuitive operation.  Not all car audio equipment is created equal – it can range from ‘department store’ quality to truly ‘high-end’ gear.  Stop into our shop to sample the latter end of that spectrum!

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