JVC was founded in 1927 as "The Victor Talking Machine Company of Japan, Limited," and was a subsidiary of the Victor Talking Machine Company, the world’s leading phonograph and record company based in the United States. JVC initially produced phonographs and also stamped the first record in Japan, putting them in the desirable market position of having the hardware to play the records they produced.  In 1932, JVC started manufacturing radios, and in 1939 Japan's first locally-made television.  For over eighty years, JVC has brought innovation and quality to the world of consumer electronics.

Perhaps the most significant milestone in JVC’s timeline was when they brought movies into the home with their Video Home System (VHS) video recorder. Sony’s Beta tape format may have been superior in performance, but Sony would not release their technology to other companies, limiting its appeal to a broader audience. JVC immediately licensed their technology to anyone who wished to use it, and emerged as the decisive winner of the ‘format war’.  Becoming the undisputed leader in consumer home video equipment, they later created the world’s first all-in-one portable video camera followed by the first video camera small enough to fit in your pocket.

Today, JVC’s mobile division produces a wide range of automotive and marine electronics, including radio, CD, digital and multi-media receivers, navigation units, amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers. Featuring high resolution in-dash monitors, Bluetooth and USB connectivity high performance amplification and very capable loudspeakers, a JVC system can stack up to virtually any similar high-end configuration on the market.  Priced well within reach of most consumers, the quality and reliability of JVC car audio gear is hard to beat, and the features and benefits are extensive enough to satisfy most requirements in a mobile entertainment environment.

Communications Center takes great care in deciding which brands of mobile audio equipment to offer our clients. We strive to bring in products that have a solid reputation and will meet our expectations, as well as those of our customers. JVC delivers in each of these criteria, so we design and install some amazing JVC car audio systems. High performance, reliable function and simple operation are hallmarks of the work that we do, and JVC fits into that model perfectly. We invite you to audition this incredible line of automotive entertainment and decide for yourself! 

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