Vizualogic is a division of TMI Products, Inc., a family-owned company founded in 1982 in Torrance, California.TMI manufactures interior automotive components including seating, interior consoles, floor coverings, door panels, convertible roof assemblies, headliners and integrated electronic systems. At Communications Center, we are proud to offer their overhead and headrest entertainment electronics, which have taken mobile video, safety and entertainment integration into the future – way into the future!

Vizualogic’s Smart Logic components introduce a dynamic entertainment solution to virtually any vehicle.  Their premium kit includes two removable Android systems docked in PerfectMatch Headrests with built-in DVD players. As the name implies, PerfectMatch products are matched to OEM specifications. Vizualogic's design specialists actually examine OEM fabric and stitching to make sure their products replicate the original details – exactly.

When docked, these headrests charge the system and also provide external USB ports for a keyboard, mouse, USB drive, headphones and other accessories. Audio from the system can be transmitted through the integrated FM Modulator into your vehicle’s sound system, and it allows passengers to enjoy games, music, and movies, along with email, web browsing, video chat, and streaming video when paired with a Wi-Fi hotspot.  PerfectMatch headrests can replace your existing headrests, or their RoadTrip Elite universal all-in-one DVD Player kit can be mounted on the back of your vehicles’ existing headrest, using brackets that are attached to the headrests posts.

Getting ready for a long road trip with children? The Phoenix One Bluetooth Game Controller will allow control of all your apps without having to touch the screen. Including full volume controls, this system is great for use with first-person and many other types of video games. You will be at your destination before the kids realize they’ve arrived!

The SmartView 360° Camera System deploys four cameras, one for each side of the vehicle, to provide the driver with complete situational awareness of his or her surroundings. Coupled with mirror monitors and GPS rear view mirrors, you will have an improved level of safety when driving, and mobile video capabilities we could only have dreamt of years ago.

Communications Center is all about enriching the vehicle owner’s experience – whether commuting to work, going for that Sunday drive along a scenic route, or simply enjoying the coolest gadgets available to put in your car! Stop in and let us show you this technology fits into your car – today!

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