Founded in 1965, Audiovox was specializes in both original manufacturer equipment and aftermarket electronics. Sporting one of the most diverse offerings in the consumer electronics domain, their products include mobile multi-media equipment, overhead, headrest and portable mobile video entertainment systems, car radios, speakers and amplifiers, automotive security systems, rear observation and collision avoidance systems, personal navigation devices, and portable DVD players to name a few. 

Within the Audiovox product umbrella you will also find renowned brands including Acoustic Research, Advent, Code Alarm, Invision, Jensen, Klipsch, RCA and Terk – addressing an equally diverse field of home audio needs. Their mobile product lines stay in step with today’s technology, providing the latest in vehicle security, remote start hardware, portable device connectivity and entertainment solutions. Cooperation with leading industry giants such as Sony often has fantastic results – now you can take your video gaming on the road with in-vehicle Playstation systems, for example! SiriusXM can also connect you and your passengers to a world of music which, when combined with a high performance stereo system in your vehicle, keeps audio enthusiasts of every persuasion happy.

Smartphones are as much a part of how we listen to music today as anything that has come before. Many Audiovox systems feature plug-and-play or streaming capabilities, integrating the best of both worlds in a sonic partnership that is both easy and satisfying to use. You have a phone, and you have a car – all you need is the interface to bring them together.

Today’s vehicles are getting smarter all the time and Audiovox is at the forefront of that faculty. Back in the day, you had to crank your neck left and right, use mirrors to estimate how far behind you something was, or hang out of your driver’s side window to make sure you did not run over Fido as your parked your car. Now, collision avoidance and lane departure systems dynamically monitor the position of your vehicle relative to the environment, cameras and screens provide complete situational awareness to the operator, and Fido can rest easy when you pull into the driveway.

Enrich your driving experience with music, entertain the children on those cross-country trips, make your commute safer with navigational aides, and do it all with Audiovox from Communications Center! Stop in and let our expert staff show you why it makes sense to invest in this technology today.

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