"Winter is Coming" is the motto of House Stark, one of the Great Houses in HBO’s acclaimed “Game Of Thrones” television series. And in Minnesota, that is true as well – winter IS coming! A remote car starter can relieve some of the hardships associated with our long and bitter Minnesota winters, specifically with your vehicle. With this technology, you can have a car that is warm before you get in, instead of listening to your teeth chatter as you wait for the heat to kick in half-way to your destination.

By leaving the heater in the "On" position, you can activate the remote starter then wait several minutes, during which time the heating system is brought to bear. Because the car is operating without the keys in the ignition or the driver present, many remote starters also include controls for locking the doors to secure the car remotely.

You will enjoy a number of benefits by having a remote car starter. An icy vehicle that has warmed up makes it easier to scrape or defrost windows, providing greater visibility and safety while driving.  As the car idles, the engine warms up as well, and engine oil becomes more viscous, thus providing enhanced lubrication once you are ready to drive. This warm up period is especially beneficial for cars or trucks with diesel engines, but gas engines benefit equally from this process.

Car security is often integrated into some of the more advanced Remote Starter packages. For example, one of Code Alarm’s models works with diesel and hybrid vehicles and includes a 2-way remote will confirm that your vehicle has obeyed the "Start" command. You can also program the system to start your car automatically at the same time every day for dependable commuting, or program it to start every 2 or 3 hours to keep engine fluids from freezing in extreme weather conditions. Security features include a dual-stage magnetic shock sensor that detects unauthorized tampering, a powerful 125 dB weatherproof siren, remote door lock and unlock capability, and a starter-interrupt feature which shuts down ignition during unauthorized use.

At Communications Center we offer some of the best remote starters in the industry including Code Alarm, Omega and Encore. Stop in and let our expert staff show you how to make your commute safer and more comfortable.  When people say that “winter is coming”, you can reply – “I’m ready!”

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