As you consider purchasing the car audio system you have always wanted for your vehicle, or the security system that you know is necessary, you might have questions on whether you should have the system professionally installed, or perhaps do it yourself. After all, back in the early days of car audio, we all tinkered with our own installations and they generally came together fairly well. We built our own sub boxes in the garage, pulled off many an interior panel to hide the wires, and compared our work to that of our similarly persuaded friends. Should be easy, right?

Well, things have evolved in the automotive installation arts over the last few decades. Today’s vehicles sport entirely different interior design elements, and door panels do not just simply pop off like they did on your 1979 T-Bird. Complex electronic subsystems travel beneath the skin of your vehicle, computerized components lurk behind dash panels and airbag systems pack enough punch to really ruin your day if something goes wrong. Today’s average automobiles contain some 1,500 copper wires – totaling about one mile in length. To put things into perspective, in 1948, the average family car contained only about 55 wires, amounting to a length of only 150 feet. 

The "Do it yourself" philosophy might seem like a cost saving endeavor, but unless you are skilled not only in the assembly of automotive electronics, but also in the remaining 280 pages of your vehicle’s manual, such projects may end in defeat, and ultimately yield to the professional installation process at the end of the day.

There is certainly a place for the DIY approach in a variety of life’s endeavors, but installation of every product we offer is what we do every day at Communications Center. We are equipped with the tools of the trade and the expertise to handle any scenario, so why take the chance?

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