Recently released FBI crime figures show that 699,594 vehicles were reported stolen in 2013 – a 58 percent reduction from 1991, when vehicle theft reached an all-time high of 1,661,738. Although this decline is great news, it does not offer much consolation if you happen to be part of the nearly 700,000 thefts that did occur. The reasons for this contraction are complex to be sure, but it can be said with relative certainly that it is due in part to a statistical increase in automotive alarm system sales over the same span of time. Alarms are getting smarter; more of them are in vehicles today – whether factory or aftermarket, and people are more security conscious now than ever before.


Aside from the obvious theft deterrent that a car alarm provides, there are additional personal safety benefits that might be less evident. Isolated areas that are not well lit can be conducive to nefarious activity, and many people fall victim to various crimes when approaching their vehicles in such spaces. A sudden, 125db siren and flashing headlights, proactively triggered, will send most thugs scrambling! Situational awareness is critical, but a state-of-the-art security system is good to have on your side as well.


At Communications Center, we have been in the auto alarm business since the early 80s. Some of us might even still remember having to use a special, dedicated key to disarm the alarm system. Today, you can arm or disarm your car with a smartphone, from across the driveway or from hundreds of miles away. Proximity, tilt, glass break, impact, engine interrupt and motion sensors are all common to most well designed vehicle security solutions. Our expertise in the selection and installation of the right system for your needs makes us your first choice when you are thinking about a car alarm!


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