Car video has truly elevated automotive entertainment to the next level. Just as the term “multi-room audio” once meant having a boom-box in each room of your house, “car video” not longer refers to having several hand-held DVD players floating about the interior of your ride. With seamless integration into vehicle interiors, the latest generation of mobile video outperforms all that came before it, and also opens up possibilities for integration with other systems such as backup cameras, GPS and more.


We all know how extended road trips can go, especially with your children in tow. “Are we there yet?” is the question that persists across time and space itself. With the complete mobile entertainment solutions we offer at Communications Center, you may never hear that question again. Kids can watch their favorite movies, plug in their portable gaming devices, use headphones as not to disturb others in the vehicle and even stream media from their smartphones or tablets. So now that the kids are taken care of, the grown-ups can save a few features for themselves as well. After all, no tailgate party is complete without DirecTV and ESPN! But this technology is not all for fun and games – you can integrate additional safety features such as back-up cameras into your video display system, providing the vehicle operator with enhanced situational awareness that can prevent back-up accidents and even save lives. If you do not already have GPS as part of your option package, it can be added into the video framework so you can enjoy the convenience of never getting lost…


We can help you sift through the many choices and options that are available to determine the best fit based on the vehicle, who will be using it, and the overall expectations you may have. From in-dash car video to overhead and headrest monitors, our professional installation will leave you thinking the system came with the car when you bought it, not to mention the increase in resale value should you ever sell or trade-in your vehicle.

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