Remote car starters are a very popular item at Communications Center, so he have put together a few buying tips that we feel could be useful if you are considering such a purchase.


Range:  In order to buy a unit that will provide you with the range you need, you must first consider how it will be used. Will you be starting your vehicle in the driveway from your kitchen, or will you be starting it from the 10th floor of your office building? Manufacturer’s typically list the range of their hardware, but keep in mind that this specification is under “ideal circumstances” – no walls, windows, buildings etc. A 2000 foot rating may actually translate to 500 feet when you insert the obstacles that you find in the real world, unless you live in an open field along with your vehicle. If you intend to start your car from a good distance, DO consider purchasing a remote starter that is capable to transmitting remotely from your smartphone. Range is no longer an issue, as you can be in another state and still start your vehicle.


Installation:  Remote starters are not something the average consumer can install themselves. Also, be wary of the oil-change technician that says he can install your car starter ‘on the side’. Your brother’s cousin who dabbles in car audio may not be the person to entrust this installation to either. At Communications Center, our staff is trained and experienced – this is what we do, every day. So DO yourself a favor and have your unit installed by the experts who do this for a living!


Quality: Sometimes ‘cheap’ turns out to be ‘expensive’. You find this great car starter at the Big-Box-Everything store for $69. Great deal, right? DO NOT go for the bargain basement product. We sell only the best name brands in the industry – and there are several good reasons why we do - quality, functionality, warranty and perfect integration into your vehicle. When the ‘great deal’ you found short-circuits your car’s computer, the $1500+ repair fee will not be such a great deal…

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