Imagine the perfect music listening space in a home. Your stereo system takes center stage – speakers are aligned at optimal angles and distances to your seating, acoustic treatments adorn the walls to nullify even the slightest unwanted resonance, and there is nothing to divert your attention from the purity and presence of the music you hear. An experience of this caliber can be attained with a reasonable investment in time and resources. Environment constitutes the rest of this equation – acoustic properties of the space, materials within the room, placement of seating and equipment – all of these factors play a role in how good the system will ultimately sound. A stereo like this, no matter how finely tuned, would probably not sound very good in the middle of a bustling shopping mall.   


Now let’s get behind the wheel of your car. You’ve spent a good amount of money on a nice head unit, a couple of amplifiers and some really nice speakers. But try as you may, things still don’t sound as good as you think they should.  For one thing, the placement of speakers seems totally discordant with those meticulous measurements you conducted at home. It would be akin to sitting in the front left corner of your room – and all the way at the front to make matters worse – while the stereo remained in its initially optimized location. Throw in road noise, the acoustic turbulence of traffic, semi-trucks whizzing past you on the road, emergency vehicles and impatient drivers relying on their horns for recognition – and now you may be wondering why you spent any money on your car stereo at all.


The answer is “signal processing”! Once you add this component to your car audio system, everything changes. You now have the ability to sample every aspect of the soundstage. You can manipulate output timing in a way that will make you think the driver’s seat is right in the middle of your vehicle. And with some signal processors, you can even equalize out some of the ambient external noise during your commute.


Communications Center is well versed in the selection, installation and calibration of some of the finest signal processors on the market. Stop in and see us if you want to make your stereo sound like it cost 10 times more than it did!

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