Surviving our Minnesota winters is challenging enough for ourselves, but we shouldn’t forget the vehicles that helped us get through the blizzards and ice and freezing temperatures. Winter takes quite a toll on your car, truck or SUV, so some TLC is beneficial to keep your vehicle operating smoothly throughout the years.


  • Undercarriage maintenance. Salt, sand and other road grime tends to pack itself tightly into ever possible space in the underside of your vehicle. If allowed to persist, corrosion will eventually take root and lead to greater problems with various components that are exposed to the road most directly. Many car washes have an undercarriage wash option, so be sure to run your car through that once or twice once the roads are clean and free of winter.


  • Wheel alignment. Potholes, uneven pavement and roads that have not been properly or completely cleaned can make it seem like you’re driving off-road instead of on pavement. Wheel alignment suffers as a result, and if unattended, could result in uneven tire wear, reduced performance, and compromised safety.


  • Brake inspection. Salt can adversely affect the integrity of your brakes, so that is not a matter to be taken lightly. For optimal functionality, brakes must be clean and the mechanical components must be properly lubricated. Have your brakes checked and any required maintenance performed at the end of each winter season.


  • Wash & Wax. It is often impossible to run your care through a wash when it’s 10 below zero, and even if you take it to one of those full-service indoor operations, your car is dirty again within a few miles of the wash. Once we are clear of winter slop, wash and wax your vehicle.


  • Wiper blades. Extreme wear and tear is put on your windshield wipers as they battle the frost, snow and ice of winter. To ensure a clear view during spring showers, simply replace your wiper blades. It’s a small price to pay to be able to see where you’re going!


Communications Center is happy to answer any question you might have regarding your vehicle, as we are just as excited about being done with winter as you are!

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