Once upon a time, you could leave your motorcycle parked just about anywhere and not have much to worry about. Much the same could be said about your car or bicycle as well. That’s not saying that theft never happened – thieves were busy with their craft even in the days of the horse and buggy. But back then, there weren’t entire analytical bureaucracies that tracked the statistics of vehicle theft and a whole industry dedicated to preventing the aforementioned. Our world is different today, and security is a part of life as we know it.


In the early days of motorcycle security, a padlock and chain were typically sufficient to ward off any potential burglars. You ran a chain through the spokes of your wheel and the frame of the bike, and went on with your business. Today, vehicle theft has become as robust an enterprise as the business of preventing it. If criminals can’t hack your ignition and ride the bike away, they’ll just hoist the entire thing onto a truck and drive away.


In keeping one step ahead of those with ill intent, modern motorcycle security provides effective deterrent and active prevention. A flashing red LED is the first indication that the bike is protected, discouraging most would-be thieves from pursing further action. Any subsequent tampering will initiate an audible warning, followed by a very loud alarm. Many systems will then render the ignition inoperable, creating a situation that draws attention to the events under way and making it impossible to start the bike even if the former condition is ignored.


You can be notified on your smartphone or tablet of any activity by certain alarm systems. Let’s say you stopped into the supermarket and someone tries to tamper with your bike. Being made aware of the situation immediately could assist in foiling the attempt, or at the least provide an opportunity to identify the individual involved if you are able to witness the transgression.  


Your motorcycle is usually a hefty investment, so it makes sense to add a security system to protect it as best you can. The Communications Center offers a variety of security solutions designed to safeguard your ride and give you peace-of-mind wherever you happen to be. We invite you to stop into out shop and check out the products we offer. Our professional installers can make the bad guys’ job quite a bit more difficult!

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