We take car audio pretty much for granted these days. Factory systems in newer cars sound pretty good, at least compared to ones that came before. Custom audio in a vehicle can range from a relatively simple but high quality system, all the way to a “no expense spared” solution that rivals some home audio setups. We spend a lot of time in our cars, and we enjoy entertainment in its many forms while on the road. But what about our boats? Whether you take a trip or two down the river this summer, or spend as much time as possible on the lake, there is no good reason not to have the same quality audio or video on your boat. Depending on the type and size of your boat, and the application for which you use it most, Communications Center has some equipment for you to consider.


First off, marine audio is quite different form car audio, physically speaking. The interior of your car, truck or SUV is typically protected from the environment, but in a boat, your gear is likely to be exposed to water, high temperatures, UV sunlight, intense vibration and possible salt. Marine audio components must be designed and constructed with these variables in mind in order to provide years of consistent, trouble-free operation in your boat. We have selected some of the most respected brands in marine audio, such as JL Audio and Rockford Fosgate. Water and moisture-proof components, super efficient amplifiers, and state of the art sound combine to make your boating audio needs every bit as good as any other solution for mobile entertainment out there. Their products undergo rigorous testing that simulates years or exposure to the elements, and you will find their systems in some of the world’s finest, best sounding boats. Forget about dragging a boom-box onto your boat, or being the only one that can listen to music from your smartphone. Do it right with the right marine audio equipment!


Contact the Communications Center to see what options are available for getting your boat ready to rock this summer. We can install your system on site or in our install bay, so no boat is too large or too small. Perhaps you need an upgrade from older equipment in your boat, or maybe you’re looking for a new system to make some waves – either way, we are ready to help!

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