Customizing vehicles is something that people have done since there were vehicles to customize. Exterior upgrades can range from unique paint jobs to flashy rims or from performance tires to hot rod exhausts, to name a few. Engine mods alone support an entire industry dedicated to the automotive performance enthusiast, and can transform a family sedan into a race-ready powerhouse. No genre of vehicle modifications would be complete without discussing the electronics category, which is the subject of our narrative today.


Stereo System

Likely the single most common upgrade to any vehicle involves the stereo system. While most automobiles are outfitted with an OEM stereo system of some type, the potential for higher quality sound makes car audio one of the most prolific aftermarket choices in the U.S.


Car stereo upgrades can be as simple as a higher quality replacement head unit, or as elaborate as a full-blown automotive theater system, complete with amplifiers, custom speakers, subwoofers, parametric equalizers and specialized acoustic treatments. The level of investment is directly related to the user’s passion for audio fidelity and available resources.


Remote Start

Practical and useful, remote start is a convenience you’ll never want to be without once you have one installed. Start your vehicle from the comfort of your home or office during the winter, letting it warm up and defrost while you finish your coffee. When the summer heat wave raises the interior temperature in your ride to near oven levels, a remote start will let you cool things off on your way out of work or the mall.


Alarm System

Despite the fact that many auto mods fall into the “want” rather than “need” category, car security is actually something you should not be without. An alarm system protects your investment and can enhance your personal safety as well. Triggering the “panic” function when you realize you’ve stumbled upon a dangerous situation in a dark parking garage can not only save your car from being broken into, but may prevent you from become a victim yourself.


At Communications Center, we specialize in these top three mods for your car. With an expert staff and professional installation, we can set up your stereo, remote start or alarm system to the exact requirements you have.

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