As you prepare for a family road trip out west, you go through your checklist of supplies, luggage, snacks, beverages and of course, music. The kids bring their hip-hop CDs and you make sure there is an ample supply of classics to sooth your mind between stretches of teen idols and their synthesized interludes. Mental preparation is requisite as there will likely be some tug-of-war for air time – but maybe you’ll get to sneak in a few tracks of your choice when the kids are asleep. Fortunately, at least the youngsters somewhat agree on their genre of choice, reducing the battle lines to parents vs offspring. “Some people may not be so lucky” you ponder, as you know households where literally everyone has different tastes in music – setting the stage for a tumultuous trip where YOU would be the one saying “are we there yet?” Oh, we forgot to mention, your vehicle is equipped with an unremarkably ordinary, factory car stereo. Well, at least you won’t have to listen to the endless refrains in exceedingly high fidelity, right?


Let’s repaint this picture. Your suburban, soccer-mom minivan may appear mundane on the exterior, but it conceals a state-of-the-art, high-performance automotive entertainment system within. Here we have DVD/CD players, high-definition LCD screens, and dedicated headphone jacks for the passengers. Multi-zone functionality even enables various sources to stream to various locations in the cabin. Smartphones and tablets can now be considered sources, increasing the available mediums for audio/video satisfaction of every imaginable flavor. You look forward to the forthcoming road trip with anticipation. No more conflicts of interest, no more “it’s MY turn now!” and no more three-alarm headache at the end of the journey. And as the vehicle operator, when you do get to listen to your choice of music, it will sound spectacular enough to make you forget you have passengers!


At Communications Center, we can design and install a custom entertainment system in your vehicle that will make you the envy of anyone who dares to traverse the open road with anything less. Our systems can be tailored to meet the real-world needs of the user, which is why such aftermarket configurations are so desirable. We ask the questions that need to be asked before a single piece of equipment is discussed. Who will be using the system? What type of functionality do you expect? How do you see this meeting the needs of your lifestyle? Stop in so we can discuss how to add value to every commute and enjoyment to every road trip. 

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