As the signs of fall begin to take hold around us – chillier mornings, leaves changing color and Halloween decorations adorning the neighborhood – we begin the transition to winter in Minnesota. It’s time to tune up the snow blowers, get the warm clothes out of storage and prepare your vehicle for the conditions to come.  On this automotive checklist, a remote car starter should be at or near the top.


Remote car starters are a popular addition to many vehicles used in cold climates. They allow you to engage your vehicle’s ignition using a key-fob remote control without going outside. If you leave the heater in the ON position, it turns on when the engine does. The interior of you car will warm up nicely before you have to make a mad dash from your home or business through the blizzard or freezing temperatures to get in. Not only does this take that frosty edge off getting into your vehicle, your engine will love you for it. As your vehicle idles for a few minutes, all the engine fluids begin circulating and getting to their desired viscosities. Another bonus of warming up your car ahead of driving is that it becomes easier to scrape or defrost windows, providing greater visibility and safety during your commute.


Although many people see the benefits of remote start as primarily related to winter weather, there are many conveniences that can be used in the summer and all year long. Just as Minnesota winters can really dish out the extremes, our summers also have their share of oppressively hot and humid weather. Start your car from home or the office and get into a comfortable, cool interior when you are ready to drive away. Car security is often integrated into various Remote Starter packages, including controls for locking and unlocking the doors to secure the car remotely. More advanced remote starter packages include sensors that detect unauthorized tampering, powerful weatherproof sirens and starter-interrupt features which shut down ignition during unauthorized use. These features provide great utility value all year long, and have their specific advantages during the summer and winter months.


At Communications Center, we are ready for whatever season happens to be upon us. Stop in to see the vast array of remote start and security packages that we offer. Our professional installation will ensure that the convenience and functionality of your system are always on point, and that your satisfaction is never in question.

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