Almost every vehicle on the road today has some type of stereo system in it. This can either be an OEM (stock, from the factory) system or aftermarket equipment. Automotive audio technology has developed over the years to the point where even stock stereo systems sound pretty respectable. The variety of aftermarket auto sound options is immense, ranging from basic ‘big box retailer’ models to high-end gear for the die-hard audio enthusiast.


Somewhere between the factory car stereo and the full-blown custom entertainment system exists a grey area. The sound system that came with your vehicle might perform adequately for most listening needs, but inevitably falls short at times. The same might be true even if you’ve just replaced your head unit but left everything else stock. However, some people may not want to invest in a completely new and expensive high-performance system either.


It is possible to get better fidelity without breaking the bank, and can be done by simply adding an amplifier and swapping out your factory speakers. Usually, the weakest aspect of a factory stereo is the amplification. While your head unit may have fancy features, GPS and even Bluetooth for your mobile music devices, the built-in amplifier will not deliver a stunning performance. An external amplifier can typically be added to any stereo and will provide cleaner sound, more power and far better sound quality. You will hear nuances in the vocals you didn’t know were there, identify specific instruments clearly and appreciate the enhanced dynamic range in anything you listen to. And you can continue to enjoy all the bells and whistles on your dashboard without changing the cosmetics of the vehicle’s interior. The amplifier will tuck away neatly in your trunk or other available space without so much as being noticed, but the improvement in your listening enjoyment will definitely be hard to miss.


Switching out your factory speakers couldn’t be simpler. High quality replacements will fit right into the same spots as the factory drivers for a seamless transformation. OEM system components are usually “matched” in terms of specifications. If your deck puts out ‘X’ watts of power, the speakers will be designed to handle ‘X’ watts of power and not much more. Consequently, if you increase the amount of power by adding an amplifier, the factory speakers will likely not deal well with the change.


If you want better sound in your vehicle, let the staff at Communications Center show you the best equipment with which you can make that happen.


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