The obvious purpose for a car alarm is to prevent criminals from stealing property from your vehicle, or stealing the vehicle itself. Ideally, the hope is to prevent things from happening in the first place, and prevent any damage from being done to your vehicle in the process. Let’s look at the finer points of how this is accomplished.


  1. Remotely locking you car. This can either happen automatically when you arm your system or by manually using your fob or smartphone, depending on the system. A locked car presents a bit more work for thieves, such as having to break glass or attempt to pick locks. Thus, it diminishes the chances that they will continue to bother with it, simply moving on to other targets of easier opportunity.
  2. Visual deterrence. Most car alarms present a blinking red light on the dash or in some other relatively visible location. This serves as a warning that the vehicle has an active alarm system in place. Criminals prefer the dark and quiet path for their handiwork, so faced with the probability being decloaked by a screeching alarm, they will likely abort their work in progress.
  3. Alarm!!! If the thieves happen to miss the blinking red light, they’re in for a surprise. When a 130 decibel siren is triggered and all the lights on your car start flashing, there is a low probability that they will continue ‘uninstalling’ your car stereo at their leisure.
  4. Notification. With many of today’s advanced alarm systems, you can be kept abreast of the security status of your vehicle remotely. Employing long-range, bidirectional key fobs or a smartphone link with your alarm system, you will always know what’s happening, regardless of where you are.
  5. Smile for the camera!  Video surveillance is not just for stationary structures any more. Augmenting your vehicle’s security system with discrete cameras can provide the capacity to record any nefarious activity for subsequent legal action or apprehension.


At Communications Center, we know car alarms well. Ensure your peace-of-mind by consulting with our expert staff and learning what the best options are for you and your ride. Our professional car security installers will have your car, truck or SUV secured in no time at reasonable cost and with the finest level of workmanship. Your vehicle is a lofty investment – protecting it as best you can is only logical.  

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