While everyone knows the dangers of allowing children to watch too much television, a strategically placed DVD player in the family car can actually increase safety for all involved, including other drivers. With factors that can't be controlled, such as the actions of other motorists, the weather conditions, wrecks, and road conditions, there are a lot of reasons to keep the driver's eyes on the road. However, fidgeting children can be a distraction, so what are the alternatives?

Road Trip or Travel Toys

Toys for the road can range from $2 for a pack of crayons and a coloring book to $30 for car kits that have travel sized games to keep the children entertained. However, board games, card games, and various other games with small pieces can create problems when one of the siblings isn't willing to share or if the pieces fall between the seats or in the floorboard. Also, if toddlers are left unchaperoned with crayons in the back seat while mom or dad is driving in the front seat, they could end up as a snack.

The Car Radio and Personal Tech

In this digital age, children have a wider variety of personal technology to choose from, including tablets, smartphones, and portable gaming systems. These can entertain and even educate a child on a long commute or road trip but the high quality tech gadgets can be expensive, especially when the screens need to be replaced from being stepped on in a rush to get out the car. Also, when personal gadgets are played with for a while, they require charging. Unless parents don't have any other uses for their USB ports (like charging their own devices before work or while navigating), the batteries can get expensive. Plus, when these gadgets blitz on a trip, resets and quick fixes may not work.

The Cost-Efficient Alternative

DVD players are cheap alternatives in the short-term because they only have to be bought once and never have to be reset or have the batteries changed. If the DVD player was installed by an after-market installer, there may be a warranty that covers all parts and labor to fix it. This provides a unifying focal point for entertainment while parents relax and concentrate on the road, making the commute or trip safer for everyone involved. DVD players help create distractions while being budget-friendly to help parents avoid sibling fights and toddler temper tantrums. 

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