Vehicle DVD systems are well known for their high entertainment factor. Whether it be for a short trip to the grocery store or traveling across the country, a DVD system can make the travel seem short and keep fellow passengers occupied. As vehicle DVD systems are only getting better since being introduced to the market, here's a look at some of the best vehicle DVD systems coming out in 2017.


  • The XTRONS Black Twin Car Headrest DVD Player - The XTRONS Black Twin Car Headrest DVD Player is an easy-to-install headrest replacement that utilizes a nine inch screen. This system comes with a remote control and two sets of headphones that are wireless/infrared. If the remote happens to get lost, the monitors are touch screen and incredibly user-friendly. The DVD player itself can read JPEG files, MP3/WMA files, CD-R/CD for video files, MPEG4 files, DIVX files, SVCD files, DVDs, VCDs, DVD-RWs, DVD-Rs, and includeDVDs. This system also comes with a game controller (with games) to keep passengers occupied.

  • The Audiovox AVXMTG10UA - The  Audiovox AVXMTG10UA is a ten inch LED overhead monitor. It is mounted between the passenger and driver seats. As far as technical features, it offers an audio jack, an SD card reader, a USB port, and a DVD player. This system cannot play MP4 files, but it can play AVI files, MPEG1/2 files, JPEG files, MPEG files, JPEG files, MP3 files, CDRW/CD-R files, DVD+RV/DVD+R files, CD-R/CDRW files, DVD-R/DVDRW files, and DVD video. As for memory cards, the Audiovox AVXMTG10UA can read cards that carry up to four gigs.

  • The XTRONS Twins HD Headrest DVD Players - The XTRONS Twins HD Headrest DVD Players offers two high definition monitors, two pairs of headphones that are wireless, game DVDs, remote controls, and removable headrest mounts. To make matters even better, the screens are also touch screen and navigate much like any cell phone. However, one will need a power cable to power The XTRONS Twins HD Headrest DVD Players (via cigarette lighter), but these charging devices are fairly common and shouldn't be too difficult to find. These screens are capable of playing SD cards, USB flash drives, CDs, and DVDs.


Considering the excellent selections above, you can find a high quality DVD system for your vehicle at the Communications Center, and have it professionally installed as well. When it comes to keeping passengers entertained, every cent is well worth it.

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