With over a million sold in the US every year, remote control starter systems have only grown in popularity since being introduced to the market. Between offering the security and convenience that so many desire in regards to their vehicle, it's no surprise that so many individuals want to know what the remote control starter systems of 2017 have to offer. Thankfully, we've got a sneak peek at the systems that one cannot pass up in 2017.


  1. The Code Alarm CA1153 - The Code Alarm CA1153 comes with several great features. Such great features include auxiliary outputs, two four button remotes, and keyless entry. In addition to these features, one will also have unique features such as shut down ignition and a valet mode that can override the alarm.

  1. The Viper LC3 4706V - The Viper brand is well known for its top notch security in the remote control starter world. Some of the many appealing features include dual car integration, SmartStart compatibility, a one mile working distance, and a rechargeable remote.

  2. The Python 4806P - When it comes to remote starts with everything one needs, The Python 4806P has you covered. Some of the many amazing features include four auxiliary outputs (to add additional remote triggers), a one mile radius range, LED remotes, and two-way communication. Although the 4806P doesn't come with SmartStart, the DSM200 and DSM250 modules do!

  3. The ScyTek Galaxy G5 - Being reliable, simple, and sleek, the ScyTek Galaxy G5 doesn't pull any punches. Although it may not look like it has a whole lot to it, the ScyTek Galaxy G5 has a wide range of features. Such excellent features include diesel compatibility, turbo timer feature, four relays for additional remotes, a three thousand foot range, and two five button remotes. To make matters even better, the price tag happens to fall under a hundred dollars and the ScyTek MobiLink Units allow smartphone application compatibility.

  4. The Avital 4103LX - This 5 Star Remote Car Start comes with a wide range of features that include XpressKit compatibility, a Superhet receiver that allows extended range (up to 1,500 feet), dedicated trunk release, keyless entry, and two remotes that come with dedicated aux outputs. It has plenty of other features as well, but the add ons and smartphone compatibility are missing. However, the low price makes it practically a steal considering what it can already do.

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