Remote start has multiple benefits for families of all sizes. It can be inexpensive to have installed and will provide years of service, regardless of the climate you live in or type of car you own.

Remote Start Makes Warming Up Your Engine Easy

If your car has a carburetor, you shouldn't try to drive immediately after starting the engine on a frozen morning or after it has been sitting in the parking lot all day. By warming the car up for a few minutes before driving it, you allow the engine to warm for the correct mixture of gas and air. Remote start keeps you from having to venture into the cold twice for one trip.

Defrost, Defrost, Defrost

If your car is hard to defrost, remote start is the perfect tool. Your view will be unhindered and you (and the drivers around you) will have a safer commute when all of your windows are cleared of snow, ice, or humidity.

Get the Cabin Ready

Winters and summers can make getting into your car very uncomfortable but with the remote start feature, all you have to do is press a button and the cabin can be cooler or warmer when you get in. This is especially beneficial for families that have small children who are more susceptible to extreme temperatures than adults.

Anti-Theft Features

Depending on the city you live in, car theft can occur as many as 214 times in a single day. While some have claimed remote start makes car theft easier, the opposite is actually true. Remote start will not allow the car to be shifted from "Park" to "Reverse" or "Drive unless the key is in the ignition. This means a thief would still have to go through the normal process of stealing the car. Also, with remote start installed, you will receive an alert if someone begins tampering with your car, allowing you to turn on the car alarm remotely. This makes the remote start feature a benefit, not a liability.

Professional Installations

While it is important to save money, you don't want to attempt a DIY install unless you are certified to work on your type of car. The install requires knowledge of the car's ignition and a knowledge of the range and transmitter power. Professional installers, like the ones at Communications Center, can provide a fast, reliable install that benefits your family for years to come. 

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