Your car might be safe in the driveway, but you’ll go on vacation eventually. We get it: You’ve likely taken the precautions to prevent auto theft. That said, today’s thieves make a living off of in-car electronics. If you want to keep your onboard tech accessories safe, check out these tips.


Stow the Cases

You might’ve already tucked away the electronics, but what about the suitcases, backpacks and shopping bags? Sometimes, thieves don’t plan on stealing what they’ve acquired. That said, they’ll still check your glove box after breaking in for a shopping bag. Stick your cases in the trunk, and make sure anything of potential value is out of sight. It’ll spare your DVD player, LCD screens and speakers—even if they’re not being targeted.


Buy a Smart Key

Car models with smart keys are far safer from thieves. Smart keys have computer chips in their blades, and they can’t be duplicated or altered. While your vacation probably won’t be disrupted by a parking lot thief who sculpts a duplicate key, rest stop thievery definitely thrives on forced entry. A smart key will give your door an extra layer of protection—which is all you’ll need when time is of the essence.


Park Near the Hotel Doors

Professional auto electronics thieves know where the well-lit areas are. They lurk around corners, in parking garages and in restaurant back-alleys. If you’re staying at a hotel, park as close to the door as possible. Car break-ins decrease dramatically when a receptionist can see the target from a desk.


Park in End Spaces

Assuming an end space doesn’t have bushes, it can protect your vehicle from forced entry. Thieves who target electronics frequently hide between cars, not in empty spots around them. If you can remove a potential thief’s “cover,” you can assure the safety of your car radio, subwoofer and amplifier.


Install a Kill Switch

An automotive kill switch greatly deters thieves. Kill switches disrupt electricity flow, disengaging the car’s battery and fuel pump. It can also deactivate your onboard electronics. If a thief encounters a kill switch, they’re likely to pass up the vehicle for a better opportunity.


Always park in a well-lit area, and make sure your car isn’t left running. Electronics theft is incredibly prevalent, but you needn’t make it easy for thieves to conduct their work. Enhance your security, and stop the problem before it can ever begin.


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