Are you interested in installing a radar detector in your vehicle? Radar detector laws vary depending on the state -- so you may want to brush up on them before you look into making a purchase. Here's everything you need to know about the legality of installing a radar detector in your car.


Radar Detectors Can't Be Affixed to the Windshield

Radar detectors can be attached to a dashboard, but they cannot be attached to a windshield or in any way that blocks the driver's view of the windshield. Those who are caught with a radar detector attached to their windshield will usually be given a ticket. This is true even if the detector is not permanently affixed.


Radar Detectors Can't Always Be Used

Interestingly, radar detectors are allowed to be owned in most states, but there are some states in which they can be owned but not used. Virginia is one such state, in which radar detectors can be purchased, but they cannot be used when driving. They can only be used when the vehicle is not in motion. For those who travel frequently, it's advisable to look up local laws. As long as the radar detector is not in active use, however, it should be legal to travel with it.


Radar Detectors Shouldn't Be Used in Military Bases

Though radar detectors can generally be used anywhere in public spaces, they aren't to be used in military bases. In military bases, they could potentially interfere with other equipment. Those who frequent military bases may want to stick with radar detectors that are not permanently affixed.


Radar Detectors Aren't Radar Jammers

Drivers need to be careful when purchasing radar detectors. Some radar detectors are also radar jammers -- and these are highly illegal. To avoid this, radar detectors should be purchased through a licensed and professional car shops. Radar detectors ordered from other countries may not be up to local regulations.


Any qualified car shop will be able to advise you on what is or isn't permissible in your area. At Communications Center, you can get a radar detector installed quickly and legally -- in addition to any premium audio systems and tools that you're interested in. 

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