Many boaters tend to ignore their stereo units and settle with what the manufacturers have installed on their boat. Although settling with a pre-installed boat stereo system isn't exactly a problem, it should be mentioned that you could be shortchanging yourself from a high quality sound experience you deserve. So if you're looking to make your boat adventures a bit more enjoyable for your ears, we're listing some of the best boat stereo systems available on the market.

●        The Sony DSXM55BT - The Sony DSXM55BT is basically a receiver for digital media. You'll immediately notice the lack of compact disc compatibility, which is mainly due to the fact that CDs are slowly being phased out for digital media. Some of the many perks that come with this model include integrated Bluetooth technology, front USB for msc/mtc & iOS devices, and one-touch listening with NFC. The system also includes a wireless remote, Siri control, 2-volt sub and rear RCA preamp outputs, Ipf Crossover, Sony Mega Bass, and advanced sound with EQ5.

●        The Kenwood KMRD365BT - The Kenwood brand is a hit in the car audio market and it's already making waves in the boat stereo system market as well. It's much like a single-din head unit that could be found in a car, but it has been created to endure marine environments. This stereo is Bluetooth compatible and it offers a phone button if you plan on making a few calls as you sail. One of the many perks that come with the Kenwood KMRD365BT is that it offers a bright display and a face that changes colors (so one can select a color that matches the interior of your boat).

●        The Dual AMCP500BT - The Dual AMCP500BT is essentially a basic unit that can provide excellent sound. If you happen to be a fan of corded digital media, this Clarion marine stereo system might be exactly what you're looking for. This simple system doesn't have Bluetooth, SiriusXM, or a CD player, but you'll be in excellent company if you happen to have an old MP3 player or iPod that you plan on leaving on your boat.

●        The Clarion M205 - The Clarion M205 is the perfect option if you want to keep your stereo system simple. It still offers incredible audio at an even better price, but you won't find yourself stuck with audio options you won't use (such as Bluetooth, a CD player, etc.)


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