Who doesn’t like accessorizing? When it comes to long road trips, cross-town excursions, and big-haul shopping sprees, the tunes matter. Below, we’re covering this year’s best-in-class audio accessories. Gear up, get out there and outfit your ride for maximum entertainment.


1.      The Drop Stop
First, you’ll need to protect your gadget. The Drop Stop keeps your smartphone from entering between-the-seat purgatory. If you’re always on the go, make sure you’re not losing your music source.

2.      The weBoost Drive 4G-S Cell Phone Signal Booster
If you’re like most drivers, you’re using Pandora or Spotify. Few things hinder a solid music session like losing connection. Pick up a weBoost Drive 4G-S signal booster, and make sure your signal is consistent. Not only does the signal booster enable constant music streaming, but it also ensures constant call quality and consistent data speeds.

3.      The Signstek Sound Music Beat Activated Equalizer
This blue, glowing LED light picks up audio and voice, creating a small light display wherever it’s installed. Simply run the ribbon cable through your vehicle’s ceiling, install the sticker and let it rip. The Signstek Sound Music Beat Activated Equalizer is incredibly adaptable, so you’ll have fun whether you’re driving a car, truck or SUV.

4.      The Pioneer Nex CarPlay Receiver
This awesome receiver connects to your iPhone’s apps via Apple’s all-new CarPlay connection. It streamlines all on-board music play commands, activates cloud-based features and makes driving a lot easier. Don’t shuffle through your phone. Instead, pick up a Pioneer Nex CarPlay Receiver. Instant access, when it comes to smartphones, is an awesome amenity.

5.      The PowerCup
This vehicle DC to AC and USB power inverter is perfect for on-board speakers, mini subwoofer accessories and smartphone charging. It’s a power charging station, designed to look like a cup, and it can boost your sound system’s accessibility by ensuring full charges every time. The PowerCup fits snuggly in your vehicle’s cup holder, and it’s plugged directly into your vehicle’s power outlet.


Once you’ve decked out your vehicle’s sound capabilities, do yourself a favor and maximize its accessibility options. A charging station, a signal booster and a streamlined iPhone app interface go a long way. Trust us: You’ll be thankful for the purchases. Get out there, and have fun on your next trip. Your music is waiting, as is the next, big adventure. Contact Communications Center for the latest audio gadgets for your car at 612-869-0355.

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