Early Detection of Police Radar

The image of motorcycle drivers has gone through a major change in the last two to three decades. At one time, motorcycle riders were seen as social deviants and bad people, but today there are well-respected and law-abiding citizens that own and ride their motorcycles frequently. However, the old image can still carry a stigma for certain law enforcement agencies or individual officers.

Radar detectors can help motorcyclists in a number of ways:

●      Protection from unfair tickets.

●      Avoiding aging or malfunctioning radar guns or operator error.

●      Lower insurance rates.

●      The avoidance of lengthy or expensive court battles to prevent anything negative or false on a permanent driving record.

●      Radar detectors actually work, unlike tin foil on the spokes and stealth bras or wax.

In fact, depending on the model, some radar detectors can provide a warning when the driver goes over a certain speed, provide GPS for long trips, and give traffic and/or weather reports. However, even with multiple benefits, there can be a downside.

Are Radar Detectors Illegal?

The answer to this question lies in the statutes of individual state laws, thus requiring every motorist to check with his or her local DMV before obtaining one. Also, radar detectors, as with other electronics, can fail and/or become outdated, leading to the need to invest in new equipment with each useful upgrade.

Some things to keep in mind:

●      Drivers "get what they pay for" with radar detectors; the higher the price, the better the equipment.

●      No piece of equipment, including radar detectors, can save every driver from every ticket.

●      Cordless detectors will require regular charging before each use.

●      Even permanently mounted detectors are at a higher risk of being stolen.

●      Corded detectors can be installed and used with an aftermarket cigarette lighter, which may require an additional investment.

●      Improperly installed detectors can fall off during the drive.

Radar detectors for motorcycles may require more of an investment than detectors being placed in cars.

Professional Installations

Radar detectors can be an expensive investment that requires professional installations to safeguard that investment. For people that want the protection radar detectors can provide but that lack the technical skill required for a safe and professional installation, the solution may be to contact the professionals at Communication Center, Minneapolis Car Audio & Video Installation.

These professionals will provide advice and a professional installation of the most current radar detectors for motorcycles.




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