Finding the right entertainment system for your vehicle can be fairly difficult given the wide range of brands and products available on the market. Thankfully, Vizualogic has a long history creating some of the best vehicle video and audio equipment for consumer use. Here's a look at what Vizualogic's Headrest Monitors has to offer and why so many vehicle enthusiasts turn to this brand to suit their entertainment needs.

The Vizualogic Headrest Monitors

The Vizualogic Headrest Monitor system is exactly what your vehicle needs if you tend to spend a lot of time in your vehicle with passengers in tow. Given that this product is a little more complex than the average overhead video monitor, here's a few details on this amazing product:

  • The 7 inch monitors are high quality.
  • The monitors offer dual source compatibility.
  • Regardless of the vehicle, they're easy to install.
  • The headrests meet all Federal Safety standards.
  • The headrests are duplicates of your current headrests, meaning that one can swap them out for their original headrests with little hassle.

Vizualogic Headrest Monitor Installation

Since Vizualogic has spent many years creating product for the automobile entertainment system market, their headrest monitor system is incredibly easy to install. However, it's important to note that almost every automobile manufacturer has their own headrest setup and it's likely that you'll have to do some research when it comes to finding the Vizualogic Headrest Monitor kit that will work with your vehicle. Thankfully, Vizualogic planned ahead and made headrest monitors that can operate with almost any manufacturer setup.

The Vizualogic Headrest Monitor Package

The Vizualogic Headrest Monitor system comes with all the parts you'll need for installation. The system can come with such parts as:

  • All necessary wiring and hardware.
  • A video/video junction box.
  • 2 pairs of headphones (which are wireless).
  • 2 headrest monitors.
  • A wireless remote.

Considering what can be enclosed in your monitor kit, all you might need is a DVD player for your backseat entertainment system to be nearly complete.

Additional Vizualogic Headrest Monitor Perks

One of the great perks of the Vizualogic Headrest Monitors is that the monitors themselves are tablets, meaning that the tablets can be removed if your passengers wants to watch something else. If your vehicle has Wi-Fi capabilities, it's possible for passengers to stream content or browse the web.

Considering the information above, a Vizualogic Headrest Monitor System might be exactly what your vehicle needs. Thankfully, Communications Center is here to make this possible. Since they carry fantastic brands such as Vizualogic for your automotive needs, why not contact Communications Center today to see what they can do for you.

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