A remote start is designed to start the engine of your car with a push of a button. This allows your car to heat up or cool down, making it comfortable by the time you reach your car, and are ready to drive off. While this is the primary feature of a remote start, many remote starts include other features as well. Knowing what features may be found in a remote start can help you decide what features you want the remote start you are buying to include. Here are a few of the features that different types of remote starts may include.

Temperature Controls

A remote start can start your car for you, and get your heater or air conditioner running. But on some remote starts, in addition to turning on the heater or air conditioner, you can actually control the temperature. You can see what temperature it currently is in your car, and then set the controls so your car heats or cooled to your desired temperature. This ensures your car is perfect when you are ready to get inside.

Alarm and Security Features

A remote start can be paired with the alarm system on your car. This allows you to disarm the alarm or arm the alarm with the same remote you use to remotely start your car. This also allows you to push a button to set off your alarm, which can be a great security feature if you feel threatened, or scared, and want to draw attention to yourself.

Remote Trunk Opening and Closing

When you are having a remote start installed in your vehicle, you can also have the trunk or hatchback of your car wired so that you can easily open or close the trunk with a push of a button on your remote start control. If your hands are full with bags, you don't want to dig around for your keys and have to open the trunk. This feature makes it easy to pop open the trunk.

Vehicle Tracking Technology

The last feature that a remote start may include is vehicle tracking technology. Some remote starts can tell you where your car is. This is perfect for those who frequently lose their car in the parking lot, or if your car is stolen.

A remote start offers many features which can make your life easier. If you are looking to have one installed, Communications Center, serving the greater Richfield MN area, can help you. We offer car audio and remote start installation services. Contact us today to discuss your needs with us and let us help you find and install the right remote start for your vehicle. 

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